WPC Plastic Mould
October 19, 2018
WPC Plastic Mould
October 19, 2018
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Plastics Mould


Plastics Mould Supplier China

Dory is a distinct name as a plastics mould supplier China. Since its inception, Dory has maintained its name for quality products. In a broad sense, we manufacture various items related to plastic moulds and packaging containers. Our qualified team of workers and utmost dedication towards quality makes Dory a top plastics mould supplier China.

Due to our quality, we inspire and attract international customers apart from local customers. Our international clients reside in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, European countries, and the US. The feedback that we get from international and local clients is our source of inspiration

Through plastic injection technology, following are some of the products that we manufacture:

  1. Nail polish tube
  2. Face powder tube
  3. Eye Mascara tube
  4. Lipstick tube
  5. Eyeliner bottle
  6. Eye shadow box


Due to our constant research and development alongside different components of infrastructure, we are the best plastics mould supplier China. Some of the infrastructure aspects include automatic painting production line, machining centre for Computer Numerical Control (CNC), vacuum coating machine, high-precision injection moulding machine etc.

High Quality Plastics Mould Supplier China

Moreover, there are various industries to which we supply plastic mould tool making. Some of the sectors include food and beverage, doors and windows, pharmaceuticals etc.

Dory is a leading name when it comes to plastics mold supplier China. Plastic molding is a manufacturing process that is used to shape pliable material or liquid. The process is done through a rigid frame known as mold.

Apart from plastic extrusion molds, Dory is famous for its plastic injection molds. Injection molding is used for making customized plastic components. The manufacturers make plastic parts by injecting molten plastic material (at high pressure) into a metal mold.

Injection molding is generally used to make custom plastic parts. Smaller injection machines can manufacture precise plastic components for surgical applications. Besides, quite a few additives and plastic resins are used during the injection molding process.

Injection molds carry a heavy cost and are typically made up of aluminum or steel. However, per unit cost is economical when the plastics mold machine is used to produce a thousand parts every year. All of our cosmetic containers are made up of a plastic injection process.


Product Description:

Product Name:

 WPC Plastic Extrusion Mould.

Mould Material:

3Cr17, 3Cr17Nimo, Din1.2316 or as per your request.


Die head+ Calibrator+Water tank and so on.


One or Multi.


High polished surface.


Mould will be tested to get the satisfy sample before approval.


Provide complete formulation.

Lead Time:

30-35 days

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