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Cosmetic Container


Cosmetic Container Supplier

Dory is a leading cosmetic container supplier in China. Dory is a professional brand as mold tool manufacturing, packaging container and other kinds of plastic mold tools making. We have been in the mold tool making industry for over a decade. We produce cosmetic handling containers by advanced technology that serve the demand of the customers.

Dory’s primary products include plastic injection products, plastic extrusion molds, eye shadow box, powder box, lip gloss bottle, bottle for eyeliner, lipstick tube and other types of packaging containers. As a cosmetic container manufacturer, we are able to develop different molds as per the need of the customer. Primarily, we serve our local customers in China. However, we also export our products to Southeast Asia, Middle East, US and other parts of Europe. For the quality and durability of our products, we receive positive feedback from domestic as well as foreign corporate clients.

Cosmetic Container Supplier in China

As a significant player in the cosmetic industry, we use various materials for packaging cosmetics items, including metals. We offer a broad range of packaging containers made up of plastics. Plastics containers stand out because of its hygienic characteristics and convenience. Due to low cost, plastic is actively considered as a popular material for cosmetic packaging. Plastic containers are durable, non-fragile, flexible and lightweight too. Being odorless and having a pleasant appearance, plastic cosmetic containers is favorite of every cosmetic container supplier.

We use Polypropylene for cosmetic packing as it is the most abundant type of plastic. Other plastics that we use include acrylic and PET. Although acrylic looks apparently as a glass material, it is not breakable like glass. As for the stuff, plastic has its distinct aesthetic perspective. Therefore, a cosmetic plastic container can be manufactured in numerous tints or colors; depending upon the material. Plastic cosmetic packaging not only helps to create brand awareness, but it also provides better protection.

Dory offers customized packaging containers. We take care of any tiny detail, as per the customer needs. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable and customized cosmetic container supplier, you have landed on the right webpage.


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Cream Jar Tube.




It depends on customer mind.




silk screen, hot-stamping, hot transferable printing, paper sticker


Spray painting, UV coating, metalizing, matte etc



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