How to Assess Amount of Cavity in a Mold Tool

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Mold tool making manufacturer produces multi-cavity molds in a much higher efficient way. It is applied frequently on the occasion when there is a high volume demand. The number of cavities and construction of mold depends upon the technical and economic factor, the number of components to be molded in one cycle, the required time of a period. In addition, the unit price is also linked with mold making cost. The sequence of occurrences during the injection mold related to plastic part is known as the synthetic injection molding cycle. The cycle commences when the mold gets closed, followed by the polymer’s injection in the cavity of the mold. Once the cavity gets filled, maintenance is done for holding pressure for the compensation regarding material shrinkage. There are a few points that require to get attention before deciding the number of cavities:

Time of Delivery

Higher the number of cavities, more the time required for manufacturing. When the time is short for mold tool making manufacturer for ordered mold delivery, there is only one option. The producer should ask customer’s approval for the reduction of mold cavity number. The decrease will shorten the time for overall mold manufacturing.

Tolerance and Quality

With the increase of the number of the cavity, the tolerance of molded parts decreases if the cosmetic container supplier employs the same process. It is much tougher to ensure tolerance during the process of molding. Also, it is not as simple as single cavity molds while the adjustment is required.

Melt Flow and Layout

To acquire quality parts, mold with multi-cavity requires to attain a balanced runner layout. The melt flow must fill the entire cavities equivalent under the same pressure of injection, especially for the raw materials that have poor melt flow performance. It is easy to acquire some cavities which are filled or overly filled with flash created.

Melt Flow

Injection Machine Capacity

The injection molding tool is a part of the overall cost of injection molded parts. So, usually, the mold is needed to be produced at a pre-established injection molding tool/machine. The size of the mold is required to be considered during the process of designing. The designed mold is not allowed to be too small or too large. Injection molding machine also got a specific amount of maximum injection volume. The whole volume of entire cavities along with runners, should not be above 80 per cent of it.

Wrap Up

So above are the critical points that need to be determined by cosmetic container supplier for a number of the cavity in a mold.

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