Cosmetics Container – 6 Questions to ask from your Cosmetics Container Supplier

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Cosmetics Container

If you are expanding or launching a lip gloss brand for your cosmetic company, it is essential to source cosmetics container to a prime quality supplier. The boxes should be able to protect the quality inside and must show off the product. Lip gloss tubes are more than a functional necessity. They show the core of the first impression of your customer. To be the best cosmetic container supplier, packaging of lip gloss or other cosmetic products must not look cheap. For determination of the brand’s style and uniqueness, below are some vital questions to ask from your packaging partner:

Will you get the Lip Gloss Package in Tubes or Jars?

The tube is a go-to choice for packaging. However, it is not the only option. If you have a balm-like and thicker lip gloss formula with shea butter or beeswax, you may consider jars. Jars may also be an option for glosses of high-pigment which requires specialized makeup brush for application.

What Size of Tube Will You get?

A few wholesale suppliers present a broad range of options for size for lip gloss containers. However, 3ml size is the yardstick for empty tubes of lip glosses. Further, you must consider the need for sample-sized tubes and tester. Ask your packaging partner if they have both the options.

Clear or Frosted Tube? Which will give your product the best Look?

Both the captioned options have their pros and cons. Iridescent and pigmented lip gloss formula look typically best when in transparent tubes. The reason is that pigmented lip gloss is more natural to see the shimmer and to compare colors.  Frosted tube provides next-level luxurious sophistication and looks glorious alongside non-pigmented or lighter glosses.

An Artistic Shape or the Classic Tube? Which is the best

The packaging type you want should be the reflection of your brand’s core personality. The classic tube typically coincides with the desire. It allows customers to reach a maximum of lip gloss items. Vintage tubes also offer a compact design which is travel-friendly too. However, if you want to launch an off-beat lip gloss brand, you may prefer to break the norms and go with the uniquely molded shape of the bottle.

How will your Bottle be Capped-off?

Neutral colors are usually the choice of majority lip gloss brands. Neutral colors include gold, silver and black. Matte caps bring a modern sense of color contrast. Also, shiny caps established the glossy and reflective finish.

Matte caps

Will your lip gloss tube have a seal?

This question is a no-brainer. However, it should not be forgotten. A cheap plastic injection products manufacturer for cost-cutting can compromise the quality. Always do a test run before the launch with various tubes and formulas at varying temperatures. A test run will ensure your product never spill, leak or contaminate once they are in the consumer’s hands.


Apart from the questions mentioned above, clear communication and shipping times are essential. Always choose a high-quality packaging option that correctly fits your brand style.

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